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iPhone launchers help you in getting iOS like themes & UI Android. But you can’t do that process in reverse, that’s where Android as a mobile platform shines. Android has many customizable options, there are tons of Android launchers out there, that switches the user interface seamlessly. If you are not satisfied, you even have the option to install some of the cool custom ROMs to change the entire OS skin. But the era of ROMs is diminishing, as the Android updates are getting better.

With that being said, funny part starts when you have some options to get started with the iPhone launchers, Yeah, you can get Apple iOS icon packs, user interface and transitions in Android with some equivalent iOS launchers. You are not supposed to stop there; even there is an option to install iOS apps on Android, well that has many issues which may or may not work. Let’s explore some of the Apple iOS or iPhone launcher For Android 2019 now, shall we?

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Best iPhone Launchers For Android 2019 – iOS Launchers

1. One Launcher

One Launcher is the hands down iPhone launcher one could get for the Android. It simulates the iOS transition effects, icon packs, and few system icons as well. Much like iOS, all the apps icons are scattered over the home screen for the precise experience. Most of the apps are based on the category, for the cleaner look and easy access. Other features like unread count, gestures support are available; you have to give certain permission on the Android Marshmallow and later versions. There are few themes out there, which might give a fresh look to what you have.

One thing where it falls is in the customization area; you don’t have enough options to explore. You can turn of/off few features like unread count, newsstand and others, that’s all.It would have better if it has some tweaking options. One Launcher makes it easy for everyone to get the experience of the iOS ecosystem.    DownloadQR-Code One Launcher Developer: one BJ Price: Free  

2. Espier Launcher

Espier name is run parallel to the iPhone launcher race, that too in the Android market. Being the home screen replacement app, it makes your smartphone smooth, lag-free and appealing one. It is an amalgamation of the old-fashioned iOS style with a new one, which makes it incredibly joyous while using. Best part, you don’t have any limitations when it comes to the widget, you can have up to eight. But make sure, it doesn’t make your Android smartphone slower.

Espier Launcher

They have two types one is i6 followed by i7, the later one of just amazing. You’ll experience the real iPhone launcher without anything wired or missing. Apart from that, you’ll get the powerful customization over the icon size and layout so that you can change your smartphone look. The enhanced design makes it easier to re-designing your app drawer and adjusting for a particular trait. Overall UI isn’t clumsy and good looking and one of the best iPhone launcher.

Download Espier

3. iLauncher

With some hefty customization options and the similar user interface like Apple iOS, iLauncher shines in many parts. It brings the dock less experience where every app you have is listed on the home screen itself like iPhone. If you didn’t find it feasible, you could always switch back.

Icons look appealing if didn’t feel so you can download and install from the play store. Transition effects, gestures are limited on the free version, but it’s enough for most of the users. The Google Now integration makes it enough more convenience; it acts like Siri For Android which is a bonus! The unread badge count is an eye-catching feature of iOS, but it is only available in the premium version which unlocks few more gestures, transition effects at your disposal.


Delicate animations and smooth infinite scrolling help you to crawl your smartphone screen without any lag. You can long tap on the icons to edit and dislocate the icons to anywhere as your needs. Drag and drop an icon over other to create a new folder you can name it as well. Drag your screen down to bring the search menu and well many of the features.   DownloadQR-Code iLauncher – OS 9 Developer: Mate Software Price: Free  

4. Launcher For iPhone 7

Launcher for iPhone 7 is one more iOS launcher for Android that enables you to get the iPhone lock screen on your smartphone. But it has some limitations; the lock screen is only activated after the device is unlocked. But it nails it! You can check out other lock screen apps if you need more.

Launcher For iPhone 7

Apart from that, the UI seems promising. Nothing fancy, but gets the job done without any customization options. Expect few ads and sponsored posts, it sounded awesome while we had it on our OnePlus 6T.   DownloadQR-Code Launcher for iPhone 7 Developer: Themes Land Price: Free  

5. iLauncher For OS 10

It is a simple yet somewhat appealing iOS Launcher For Android that integrates Apple icons in your smartphone. But the lack of customizability makes it least favorite. Most of the system icons or replaced with iOS icons, so it feels good. One thing that I stood up is the unread badge count in the default messaging app, that is awesome. Unfortunately, it is available for only messages you cannot modify anything!

iLauncher For OS 10

If the developers add more & more customizability options, it has the potential to make a mark as the best one. The full-screen ads are annoying, considering it has the income source for developers we have to bare it.   DownloadQR-Code iLauncher OS 10 Developer: Theme Inc Price: Free  

6. OS 10 Launcher

OS 10 Launcher packs some great power for those Android fanboys, it brings the almost clone iOS experience to your Android in no cost. The system icons are replaced with Apple ones, even the non-system apps have rounded to match the iOS style. It nails down most of the aspects, right from the transitions to the app opening style. The best part and my most favorite is the options to customize the way you need it. You can adjust the horizontal & vertical app counts on the home screen, app icon size,  name size, color & other aspects.

OS 10 Launcher

You Can even try the 6 Plus launcher and many others to experience the iPhone launchers themes on android phone. Apart from that, you can try to use this iPhone launcher for Android to make your mobile a clone of Apple device. After all, it boils down to the user preference. It also has a weather widget, just add your City & you’ll get an Apple-like weather widget for android. If you didn’t like it, feel free to check some of the clock widgets it may help you.   DownloadQR-Code OS10 Launcher for Phone 7 Developer: Tap Phone Price: Free+

Wrapping Up,

These Apple iPhone launchers For Android just brings the staggering iOS launcher user interface on Android, you simply cannot expect too much with these iOS launcher apps. Although you could technically run iOS apps on your Android mobile, it is is still in the beta mode & might not work in most of the cases (check cider project).

There are tons of apps out there, including iOS 9, iOS 10 launchers for Android and so on, which brings the respectively UI changes & wallpapers. Better you download these iPhone launcher apk full version and get through your interest in Apple ecosystem. Hope, you found something unique iOS launchers, if yes feel free to share this post with your friends & relatives.

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